Selling only the watch and the Apple earphones would get in a Fortune 300

In February, we wrote that the division of the wearable device Apple’s income is close to the target three hundred of the most successful companies in the Fortune 300. Tim cook confirmed that it has already happened.

At a meeting with investors on record for the first half of the 2018 financial year, the CEO of Apple said that the Department of Wearables Corporation to the company of the Fortune 300. The division is comprised of units of the Apple Watch, Beats headphones and AirPods.

Fortune 500 list for 2017 Alcoa has taken a big place with earnings of $9.3 billion. The income from watches and headphones, Apple should be close to the same level.

Tim cook also highlighted the success hours:

Millions of customers ispolzat Apple Watch, to be active, healthy and to stay in touch, and they made the best selling watch in the world.

The CEO that hours last quarter was particularly profitable. This is especially nice for company after the holiday shopping season, when Apple Watch surpassed all the Swiss watch industry.

Unfortunately, Apple did not disclose exact figures related to the sales of watches and different brands of headphones.

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