Senator Belyakov: accepted “Spring package” – this law is not about terrorism, but about total control over people

Adopted by the leadership of the country the amendments of the Deputy Irina Spring and Senator Viktor Ozerov in anti-terrorism legislation is total control over the population. This opinion was expressed by a member of the Council of Federation Anton Belyakov.

“It’s not a law on the fight against terrorism and the law of total control over the population of the country. This document is not financial feasibility. The law, according to the cellular operators, it is worth 2-3 trillion rubles — this is the sixth part of the budget of the country. All that we spend on pensions, space,” — said Belyakov.

In the discussions, the senators entered into a discussion that, according to Belyakov, occurs infrequently. This, as noted by Senator, says that the upper house of the Russian Parliament ceased to follow the principle of “total compromise”. Himself Belyakov, who began to criticize the bill from the podium, turned off the microphone.

On 29 June, the Federation Council approved a package of so-called “anti-terrorism” laws that have developed and Spring lake. Amendments to the legislation toughening punishment for extremism, introduced into the criminal code the term “international terrorism” and oblige operators up to six months to keep the conversations and messages of the users and owners of instant messengers and Internet services to decipher the conversation at the request of the security services.

Against the bill was organized by the Russian Internet companies, mobile operators and the Ministry of communications. Mobile operators have estimated that the storage of the necessary data they will need over 2.2 trillion rubles, Mail.Ru Group estimated the costs for a new document in $1,2-2 billion (about three or four annual proceeds). The head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov said that the parliamentarians because of the rush did not have time to consider the position of the Ministry and proposed to correct the document according to “Vedomosti”, the Ministry wants to cancel the requirement to decrypt the traffic.

As noted MK, the Federation Council passed the “Spring pack” in “magical circumstances”. On this day they had to set an absolute record: to be considered for one meeting 160 of the laws. Belyakov tried to facilitate the task of officials, proposing to postpone the discussion the most difficult part of the program – “Spring pack” for the fall.

However Matvienko has asked not to do so, and the house supported it. “If we remove the law from consideration — it will go directly to the President, explained Valentina his request. – We so it would be easier. But let’s not bury our heads in the sand. This is incorrect”. Resonant package of laws stood in the agenda at the end of the first hundred.

After the vote in the Federation Council “Spring package” will be sent to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. His press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin administration is aware of the critical reviews on the bills. “Now they are being studied and a decision will be made by the President when the document will be presented to him for signature,” — said Peskov.

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