Senior Tesla goes to Apple

Despite the secrecy of project Titan, and all related important news, for some reason, fly by news publications. First, we reported about the departure from the project of its leader Steve Sadecki, now edition reports that its place will be taken by former Vice-President of Tesla on the development of vehicles Chris Porritt. The sources said that in Cupertino he will do “special projects”, and considering his past, it is unlikely that he will be designing the covers for iPad or something like that.

After leaving Sadeski Porritt (photo below) will be one of the best automotive experts in the Apple (unless, of course, in Cupertino on terms of even greater secrecy, even some veteran industry). He has participated in the development of such iconic cars like the Model S, X and 3, as well as several Aston Martin models, among which the One-77 and DB9.

Under Porretta will work several high profile Apple engineers, among which are emery Sanford — a man who worked with Zaleski and have to its credit dozens of important patents to Apple. Other details about the new appointment has not yet been reported.

It is also unknown and the reaction to the news of Elon musk, who ironically noted that Apple moving those employees, who do not in the Tesla. As they say, let’s see who will laugh last.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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