Serial marathon is another way to spend your weekend

When movies are tired come to the aid of they series. “Series marathon” — one of the most popular kinds of leisure at the weekend. There is nothing better than to order a pizza and watch a whole season of the new series from the comfort of your sofa. In this article, we collected five new products.

Mr. Mediator

Australian crime drama, law on display where you bought the FX channel to fit it into the etheric grid next to the “Mayans”. The plot twists around ray Susmita — exemplary father, a best friend. It would be hard to handle this role in a hypocritical world filled with violence and cruelty, which promote love and tolerance. Maybe ray hard because he is a hired killer.


Starring Jim Carrey — actor with versatile talent, whose sparkling humor laugh a few generations, also known for his dramatic roles. The series tells the story of Jeff or Mr. Pickles — the stars of children’s television. When Jeff is on screen he is cheerful, cheerful and capable to cheer up any. And if things are going well Jeff in real life, on the other side of the screen.


“First” — a new show service Hulu with a stellar cast, the main actors ‘ positions of Sean Penn (a two-time winner of the award “Oscar”) and Natasha Macelhone (“Californication”). The action takes place in the near future, humanity sends its first manned mission to Mars to colonize.


John was 40, he tries to radically change his life, but he is not very good, until the moment when he was lucky to be in a Bank during a robbery. After this incident, John decides to enlist in the police.

Little drummer girl

Mini-series, filmed on the book by John Le Carre. The showrunners Steve and Simon Cornwell have already dealt with the novels of the author, they, along with Hugh Laurie worked on the film adaptation of “Night Manager”.

Young actress Charley met on holiday in Greece with Becker. Later it turns out that he’s an Israeli intelligence officer, who draws her into a dangerous game of Western intelligence agencies with terrorist organizations.

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