Shares of Apple have experienced a record decline since 2013

Some readers MacDigger particularly relish the news, which tells about the problems of Apple, especially those rejoice who are fed up with the ubiquitous iPhone. After all, if even the CEO of the Corporation recognizes that the smartphone market was saturated, and the most incorrigible optimists should understand that explosive growth came to an end.

It should be recognized that the stock market albeit with some delay, but worked “bad news for Apple”. If at the time of publishing the quarterly report, the decline in stock price of cupertinos was limited to fractions of a cent, then in the hours that followed they began to become cheaper sharply. To date, they have dropped to $93,7 apiece, although a week ago was worth at least $106. For the week, securities of the California giant dipped by 11%.

Aggravated the situation statement, burnout speculator Carl Icahn, who expressed his attitude to the market prospects of the securities of Apple rather cynical way: he called the head of the company Tim cook to announce the deliverance from which was in his ownership for more than three years. As at the end of last year, the structure of the Icahn owned 45.8 million shares of Apple. Now he did not have any shares.

In the words of billionaire speculator, he is most concerned about the impact of the Chinese economy and policy in the Apple business. “The output of the Aikane of securities Apple”, according to the billionaire, has upset the Director General of the company, but the words of support in the form of recognition of Apple “great company” were supposed to be encouraging, as conceived by the former shareholder. And guide them too good”, as noted by Icahn. To buy Apple shares at current prices, Icahn also not ready, even if the negative influence of China will be eliminated.

In recognition of the billionaire, he sold his Apple shares back in February. Then they, by the way, cost a bit more expensive than it is now. However, only on exchange Icahn could earn at least $2 billion, according to Reuters estimates. In addition, the billionaire received a dividend for three years. His statements caused a decline in the stock price of Apple has 3% during the day.

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