Shooting in all directions: review Strider Gun

We did not notice how from games massively eroded the spirit of the cold war in the early 90s to shooting with two hands, slowing down time, stupid jokes, and destruction of everything. But before was this: both parts of Max Payne, Wet, Wheelman, Stranglehold, and other cool projects. Now, apparently, rap has mobile – all of these subtleties about crooked cops and honest cops actively appear on small screens. Gun Strider is one of those games that seem to put young Takeshi Kitano.

The Central conflict Gun Strider is not explained at all, but from the context you can understand what’s going on here – no good. You have an honest COP whose image is clearly copied from one of the main characters of “Double castling”: shirt untucked, disheveled hair, a gleaming police badge. There are many corrupt cops, servants of evil – that with them and we have to fight.

It’s pretty simple – you stand in the middle of the map, around come the villains Need to quickly tap on the screen to shoot them. One, two, three, five – if you pick up the pace, the game happily inform of beautifully drawn font, saying, well done! Complicated fairly simple game that a lot of enemies, and you (initially) – only two guns. But nothing: click once in different directions, and the hero knows his stuff and shoots in Macedonian very famously.

It turns out pretty quickly that the developers did not skimp on the imagination in relation to the foe and drew dozens of corrupt police. There are the usual patrol, and armored forces, and some nimble cobrowse, and the guys with shields. Each of them has its own charge strength, and this makes some confusion: need to instantly navigate, to shoot the weak but fast, and in the other to release the rest of the shells. Fortunately, it is not necessary to reload – Gun and the Strider would be three times more difficult than usual.

At the end of each level, the game tallies your performance, and the better you fight, the more coins you get. Money is, oddly enough, needed – in the store you can buy boosters (freezing time, for example), grab a new weapon (very useful shotgun, covering half of the map, or Golden gun – just beautiful) or buy some protection. For real money – the game is shareware – you can speed up the process of virtual enrichment, or to take a new character: there’s a girl and, uh, rabbit. With the latest hero of the Strider Gun will clearly become psychedelic traits.

But in fact, the hero does not need to change – the lion’s share of charm kept it on him. You are transported into a remake of Hong Kong action movie: shooting with two hands, corruption, a lone wolf against all this. At Gun Strider has style and good mechanics, which, however, does not claim anything, except for the function of fun – and therefore you should not expect something outstanding. You brighten up the rest of the lunch break – Strider Gun was good enough, and more and demand is silly.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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