Should I buy iPhone 5s in 2016?

The “old” iPhone 5s, which reigns in the markets of developing (and not) countries since 2013, finally got a worthy successor in the face of iPhone and SE was immediately forgotten by its manufacturer. “We already have a budget iPhone,” he decided in Cupertino and quickly “leaked” his most popular and incredibly affordable (relatively, of course) the smartphone. And in vain, because, as it turned out, the iPhone 5s is still quite a worthy purchase. Or not?

Given the recent release of “polufugankom” iPhone SE, its ideological predecessor is still present in the range of the vast majority of electronics stores. While retailers do not expect to lower its price tag in order to quickly get rid of stale goods. On the contrary, the iPhone 5s is at ease in the demonstration stands alongside their more productive and much more expensive followers.

Perhaps rightly so, because those who need a compact smartphone (or the extra way to emphasize their involvement in the caste of the Apple fans) will certainly take advantage of the last opportunity to get the “old man”. Over all still a lot by today’s standards 20 000. But if Muscovites such ordeal may seem strange, inhabitants of regions with them are unlikely to agree. Today, however, we can do without the extremes and categorical conclusions.

The incomparable advantage of the iPhone 5s is almost one hundred percent similarity with the iPhone SE, which externally can be distinguished only by the letter “SE” on the rear panel. Oh, and pink colors, of course. In the rest of the visible difference between devices that share few years, no. Therefore, if your goal is purely image, we strongly recommend that you do not overpay. An extra twenty on the road is not lying.

Not least, your choice will probably affect the technical characteristics of the future device. But if superproizvoditelnost for you plays a major role, the iPhone 5s will seem quite good candidate for purchase.

It is equipped with exactly the same IPS-display, a Touch ID scanner of the first generation, a 1.2-megapixel frontalka and lo and behold, compact body with chopped faces, and iPhone SE. Even a bullseye on the rear of the same. The performance and quality of photos the iPhone 5s without a direct comparison with the novelty they seem at least as good.

On the other hand, the abandonment of further production of the Apple iPhone 5s may come across not the most pleasant of concoctions. First, it means the imminent and a waiver of future updates of the smartphone. In any case, so were most (if not all) devices.

Secondly, energy efficient A9 processor coupled with a more capacious battery gives though and barely noticeable, but a nice gain in autonomy. An additional half hour of surfing the net did not disturb anyone, and only doubled the amount of RAM – and even more so.

Thirdly, the iPhone 5s is no longer the flagship. As we would not want to return, but the technology is irretrievably obsolete, and they are replaced by better solutions. And – unsurprisingly – they also cost money. Moreover, the realities of the Russian market where a lot of money even for “budget” iPhone SE. A small remark: the cost of the smartphone abroad, you will be pleasantly surprised.

To take or not – to solve certainly to you. This article only shows the main categories, which at least should not be neglected when choosing. Those who like to save money suggest to pay attention to the refurbished iPhone 5s — they will save you an extra 2-3 thousand rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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