Should I leave iPhone on charge for the night?

Surely you leave your iPhone connected to the power adapter while they sleep that in the morning to a fully charged device. Is it right, decided to answer the experts Insider Pro.

It is impossible to say

Here’s the thing. In most cases, a new smartphone is purchased once or twice a year. According to experts, during this period the owners will not notice any significant decrease in battery capacity.

If this is your case, you can not bother with such trifles — leave the iPhone to charge at night as often as you wish.

However, frequent charging affects lithium ion batteries. The press-Secretary of company Anker (engaged in manufacturing chargers for phones) Edo Campos argues that this is not connected with the fact that the batteries receive excess nourishment.

“In fact, smart phones smart devices. They know when to stop charging,” he says.

Modern models are equipped with a special chip that protects batteries from over-current. Thus, theoretically, any damage from an overnight charge using native or compatible charger should be negligible. The problem is that the process of charging is bad for battery life.

And here’s why

In most phones built technology speed dial capacity. Founder, chief researcher and technical Director, specializing in wireless charging company Ossia, Hatem Zeine said that the technology allows devices to adapt to the power charger.

Electricity flows to the battery in a modulated form, increasing movement speed of lithium ions from pole to pole and speeding up charging. But this process also leads to rapid deterioration of Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries.

“Rapidly charging your smartphone, you reduce the battery life,” says Zane.

Is there a solution?

If you want to save the lithium-ion battery in working condition for a long time, Zeine proposes to use a charger designed for less powerful gadget, although he does not undertake to guarantee that this approach will work in the long term.

“For example, if you use the charger from the iPhone to charge the iPad Pro, the latter will gain capacity is very slow. If the engineers are right, the slow charge allows you to increase the battery life”.

To maintain it in a healthy state, you need to make sure that the phone does not overheat — high temperature leads to rapid deterioration of Li-ion batteries. On the Apple website says that heating above 35°C can “damage the battery”.

Zeine and Campos point out that in modern conditions of constant demand for new smartphones night charging should not bother most users.

“In fact, for most consumers it does not matter,” – said the expert.

He cites the results of a Gallup survey conducted in 2015. Then it was found that 44% of users plan to upgrade their devices a couple of years — by the end of this period the batteries are just starting to show signs of wear.

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