Should I wait for iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5

This year the world famous company has already released a number of new devices. This fresh version of the tablet iPad Pro with a diagonal of 9.7 inches and the iPhone SE the 4 ā€“ inch smartphone with filling the flagship and the iPhone 5s. The presentation took place in March 2016. Won’t go into the details, earlier we talked about “Apple’s new” and their benefits for fans of online poker and other games.

However, on March 21, many supporters of Apple products was a little surprised by the fact that Apple representatives in the person of Tim cook made no mention of the two expected tablets. We are talking about the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5. Actually let’s catch up and discuss some interesting facts about these models.

iPad Air 3

Let’s start with the line “air” tablets. The fate of the iPad Air third generation is the most uncertain compared to other “tablets” for several reasons. First, unlike the Mini, last year, Air products series and have not received the update. And this is despite reports from network sources that the company is going to offer a new model of the Air.

Besides, we all know that in the past year, was released iPad Pro. Probably this event influenced the Napoleonic plans of the Apple in relation to iPad Air. In the network there were even rumors that the iPad Air lineup at all will cease to exist, and it is expected that the third iPad Air and will not see the light of day.

Despite this, official statements from Apple representatives on this occasion was not. This means that the era of the “air” of tablets will continue and we still get a new iPad Air 3 to the end of the year.

Optimistic and in the British edition of PC Advisor. Journalists believe that the release of the new iPad Air could take place in October or November of this year. Perhaps the most logical thing would be to focus on the time frame ā€“ if in 2016 we will not hear any news from Apple, most likely the iPad Air will be discontinued. Anyway, and since the release of the second iPad Air, it took a year and a half.

iPad mini 5

In contrast to the model above, the prospects for iPad mini 5 look rosy. The model of the fourth generation of this product line debuted in September of last year. In the edition of Macworld predicted that the iPad mini 5 will appear on store shelves in October.

In any case, fans of Apple products can expect at least another novelty in the lineup of tablets. We will keep you informed as demand for tablet and Air Mini. And in the meantime recommend you to follow our example and try to download the PokerStars on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. After all, what could be better than enjoying cool games on your favorite gadget? Play, win and stay in the know with the latest news from the world of Apple.

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