Should I wait for iPhone 7? Five reasons to buy new items

the iPhone 7 is probably the most anticipated model in the history of the line. The smartphones from Apple’s popular devices for gaming and digital entertainment, a great tool for professionals. A new generation of devices will offer users a number of unique features.

In order to hold the position, Apple is committed not just to upgrade to a smartphone, and give it several strong functions. If you’re wondering whether to wait for the iPhone 7, we offer five reasons to buy new.

1. Waterproof case

We are all accustomed to the unwritten script with the annual update to the iPhone. A new model always gets a more powerful processor, better camera and several new features. Every two years, changing the form factor and, almost always, the new iPhone be thinner and lighter. New serial number of the model usually indicates the appearance of unique features, the “killer features” that will sell the next generation of smartphones. iPhone 4 received a Retina display, the iPhone 5 – larger screen, Lightning port, and support for LTE, the iPhone 6 is larger display and payment service Apple Pay. The main “trick” the iPhone 7 will be waterproof case.

As revealed earlier, Apple has already taken the first steps to protect the iPhone from moisture. Experiments have shown that accidental hit of the iPhone 6s, the water does not exit the smartphone down. A new generation of “Apple” devices should be fully moisture proof with a high degree of protection.

Given the attention Apple has paid to this issue in the current iPhone, there is reason to believe that the company is committed to achieve 100% result in this direction. Not surprising when in September the presentation will be images iPhone with water drops on the screen or taken under water photos of the top managers of Apple, went to Hawaii to test the water resistance of the product.

2. Improved camera with two lenses

Smartphone Apple next generation will be equipped with dual camera. An innovative solution in the iPhone 7 will improve the quality of shooting and implementing a number of additional effects.

The main camera of the iPhone will be equipped with two optical blocks with different focal lengths. Apple is working on this technology since 2014 and had originally planned to introduce it in the iPhone 6s, but some bottlenecks have forced engineers to postpone this idea.

Dual camera with 12-megapixel CIS sensors in the iPhone will allow Apple to increase the quality of the shooting and to implement a number of additional effects. In particular, the simultaneous use of two lenses will allow you to create stereoscopic images and enhanced detail of conventional photos. The use of the system involves the use of a 3-fold zoom without loss of quality.

During movie recording, this technology will allow to obtain static pictures of higher quality. Depending on the shooting conditions, the iPhone 7 Plus will be able to switch to any of a CIS sensor or merge image with both modules to receive the photos in ultra-high resolution.

3. Top “stuffing”

The design of the iPhone 7 will resemble his predecessor. But the hardware, the new model will be significantly improved. In particular, smartphones will move to a new hardware platform Apple A10.

Judging from recent tests, Apple A10 shows the result of 3000 points in Geekbench. Compared to the A9 in the iPhone 6s, the performance growth was an impressive 20%. Thus, the new platform promises not only significant progress in terms of energy conservation, but also the highest level of performance.

The performance of the A10 is comparable to Apple A9X processor in the iPad Pro, a configuration consisting of cores with a frequency of 2.25 GHz. In addition to this “seven” will offer 256 GB maximum configuration and 3 GB of RAM to ensure a more comfortable surfing the web and multitasking.

4. Longer battery life

The new 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will be the battery is 1735 mAh. For comparison, the current iPhone 6s battery is used to 1715 mAh. At 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus power supply will be even more impressive: 2810 mAh battery is 2750 mAh its predecessor.

Users can expect longer battery life the new models. And it is not only more capacious battery, but in the new processor. iPhone 7 will be based on power efficient chip, which will provide better autonomy.

5. Wireless charging

New Apple-smartphone will boast support for wireless charging. To charge the internal battery of the iPhone 7, optional to connect the power cord: the unit will produce energy, while on the proprietary dock.

In the next generation of smartphones that will be released in 2017, Apple is expected to realize the function of remote charging that will allow you to charge devices within a few meters from the power source.

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