Simultaneous translation is now available on all headphones with Google Assistant

Over the past year the number of headphone models with support for Google Assistant increased. And now, the headsets from different manufacturers support the function of translation in real time that was originally exclusive Pixel Buds.

The website Droid-Life discovered that yesterday, October 13, was updated the support page Pixel Buds, which appeared the message: “Google Translate is available on all headphones with voice assistant Google on Android-phones”. This futuristic feature was previously available only for a bunch of Pixel Buds and smartphone Pixel of the first or second generation.

Previously, Google told me how initially, this feature was exclusive created for the Pixel due to the routing of sound required on the phone. But, for some reason, a year later it became available on all my headphones with Google Assistant and on any Android device running version 6.0 or higher Marshmallow.

Users can start the transfer by pressing and holding Assistant on their headphones and saying: “Help me translate to Russian” or any of the 40 supported languages. This will launch Google Translate on your phone.

In addition to the Buds Pixel, Google has recently released headphones Pixel with USB-C connector and the function of translation in real time, and in August, LG has released the Tone Tone Platinum SE and Ultra SE with similar functionality.

Among the headphones with Google Assistant users prefer models Bose QuietComfort II 35, Google Pixel Buds, JBL Everest 760GA and Sony WH-1000XM3.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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