Siri macOS Sierra can be activated in three ways [video]

On Monday Apple announced the release preview version of macOS Sierra, large-scale operating system updates with new features for a more intelligent and useful work Mac. The inclusion of OS voice assistant has become the most anticipated innovation platforms.

Now Siri is available on computers, so Sierra opens new aspects of everyday work with the PC. So, using voice queries to search for information, locating documents, pin and drag the search results, and change system settings.

Voice assistant in macOS Sierra can be activated in three ways: an icon in dock, icon in the top menu and keyboard reduction. The work function is adjusted in a separate section of the main Siri settings. Here you can turn on and off assistant, select the language, type of voice (male or female), to specify a keyboard shortcut.

Siri lets you use voice commands to search for information or files, and send messages. For example, you can ask the virtual assistant to find a file you worked on in the evening, to call on FaceTime, or add an event to the calendar. In addition, Siri enables you to drag search results into documents or emails, and also keep them in notification Center to track data such as scores or stock quotes. You can also change system settings, set reminders, and search photos in your library.

Appearing on Mac, Siri was available on all four platforms, Apple iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. According to the company, Siri handles 2 billion queries from 36 countries.

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Clifton Nichols

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