Siri will not talk to you about music if you have not signed up for Apple Music17 review

Voice assistant Siri is unlikely to want to talk to you about the latest trends in music, if you have not paid for a subscription to Apple Music. This became known in the course of our experiment.

The term three-month free subscription to music service from Apple for many came to an end. Those who did not wish to renew the subscription for the money, you will not be able to discuss with Siri the latest trends in music. Interestingly, only English-speaking assistant was so intractable, requiring yours truly to pay for Apple Music. Needless to say, I never found out what the song is most popular in Russia. See for yourself:

But everything changes, if you activate your subscription. The “helper” becomes immediately more friendly and actively supports the conversation, offering to search the Internet’s most popular song in Russia. But the request to listen to Michael Jackson, he immediately tossed the Apple Music app.

As for Russian Siri, she was a real stand-up guy (unless, of course, it could be the name of the female assistant, though, and virtual sex). All my questions about the music she once regretfully replied that he could not buy me for a song. In all other cases, persistently included a built-in Shazam and tried to determine the track that I was supposed to include. Apparently affect the very perception of the Russian language.

However, if you suddenly begin to ask about the movies, it will be immediately “thrown” into iTunes. It seems very strange phenomenon. Whether in the Apple thus promote their music service, whether Siri has not yet learned to accept the fact that not everyone wants to use Apple Music.

In short, for full functionality, including search by songs, apparently, will have to pay. Though hardly control the smartphone via Siri is so popular in Russia that someone felt deprived.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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