Six features of the iPhone XS Max after a week of use

Chance Miller from the portal 9to5Mac has shared impressions about the iPhone XS Max, which he owns for a week. Miller has identified and described the main advantages of the new flagship and its difference from the previous iPhone models.


“The only thing that bothered me in last year’s iPhone X is its size. I am a regular user of the Plus version, and the first X for me was too small,” says chance. “However, after “ten” I also worried that I will not get to a large size. However, it took me a week. The hardest thing was getting used to a larger keyboard. But it has flexible settings, so I quickly become accustomed with her”


As the display in XS Max is more than any other, it is necessary that websites and applications should not be just expanded to the new size of the screen and display more content. Chance says that while a few sites and RMI support it, however much time that adaptation companies will not take.


“A great feature for me is support for depth control. The fact that I know I can adjust the depth of the image after its done, makes use of the functions better than in the past. In addition, changes of depth in real time, which is currently in beta iOS 12.1 makes the camera even better,” said Miller.


After the release of smartphones, analysts spent a lot of synthetic tests longevity of the battery, which showed a variety of results. Chance says that the charge lasts the same as with the iPhone X. that is, the day you can stretch, if you alternate the active load with the weak, but for two days does nothing.

Face ID

At the September event, Apple stated that the iPhone XS Face ID will work faster than iPhone X. after a week with the iPhone XS Max I have not noticed any speed improvements, but this is due to the fact that my iPhone X for almost a year, studied my face, so now the iPhone XS should do the same.

Gold color

“I always chose iPhone colors Space Gray, and this year is no exception. This time, however, I must admit that I like gold. I was hesitant to pre-order the gold model, without seeing it in person. Now, when I saw the iPhone Xs in the gold version in the Apple store, this color seemed very pleasant,” said chance Miller.

The author also mentioned about the ease of changing one device to another every year through the Apple website, however, in Russia this is not possible, and I did not focus her attention.

Do you agree with Chance? Or disappointed with the new smartphone, as it is the same as the last? Write in the comments.

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