Skype for iOS has received a very important update

Along with iOS 10 our favorite company introduced two most important SDK, which promise to change the way work popular apps. SiriKit allows you to integrate functionality to the electronic assistant Siri, and CallKit takes on a new level of communication by means of messengers. The Skype app has received an update in which both the SDK is implemented most effectively.

To maximum benefit enjoy these innovations, it is necessary to update the Skype application and make sure that you have the operating system iOS 10. Then your life will be much easier and more pleasant.

From now on, if someone of the subscribers calling you on Skype, incoming call appears on the iPhone lock screen and the call can be taken directly from there. All looks exactly the same as the interface of a regular phone call.


As for Siri, now you can tell her something like “Call via Skype Renata Grishina”, then the call begins. To enable this function, you need to go to Settings — Siri — Support and put a checkmark in the desired application.

By the way, Russian Siri is not particularly well aware of the commands associated with the call via Skype. Perhaps, obstinate girl still needs some training. Download updated version of Skype you can on the link below from the App Store.

Name: Skype
Publisher/developer: Skype Communications S. a.r.l
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: For iPhone
Link: Set

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Clifton Nichols

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