Skyrim: Very Special Edition is real and really works with Alexa

During the presentation at E3, Bethesda showed a humorous video in which a man plays Skyrim right column Amazon Echo. But this is no joke – now Skyrim actually works on all devices!

This audio version does not require any download and setup – simply ask the device with support for Alexa open Skyrim. Interestingly, if the user has no Echo, it can be played directly on the phone’s digital assistant app.

All management is done using voice. When you meet danger should say “Create a spell” or “Flee”. And all the data, like amount of health the main character or bottles of healing potion, Alexa will report when necessary.

Skyrim in Alexa is also available a large number of jobs and characters with whom you can interact. And, of course, the user will continue to play for the Dragonborn – the dragonborn known.

Even though it was unexpected, Skyrim Alexa, demonstrated in the video actually exists and works as shown there. Unfortunately, Russian players will have to wait: first, Alexa was not functioning in Russia, and secondly, the game has no localization.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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