Smart Keyboard Pro for iPad: now with Russian layout

I could type the text of articles in any place with the help iPad Pro keyboard Smart Keyboard, but, alas, it wasn’t designed for typing in Russian. Fortunately, enough time has passed to Apple has enabled people from different countries to enjoy the pleasures of this keyboard. The keyboard cover for the iPad Pro is now available in different countries to work with different languages, including Russian.

Right now in the online Apple store, you can order the Smart keyboard with Russian or English layout. Make your selection and you will see that the keyboard with Russian layout looks a bit different. But it doesn’t matter. If you have an iPad Pro finally you can purchase it to cover keyboard and enjoy fast and easy typing on your tablet.

Smart keyboard Keyboard with Russian layout is available for 9.7 inch iPad Pro, and for a large 12.9-inch model. Smart Keyboard Pro for iPad with the 9.7 inch display will cost 11 790 rubles. The keyboard will be sent within 1-3 days. IPad Pro with 12.9 inch display keyboard is worth 13 290 rubles, and its ready to send throughout the day. Keyboard is not cheap, but now she’s with Russian layout.

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