Smart watch haunt Swiss watch companies

No need to explain what having a smart watch with a color screen, you will be able to bring to the screen anything you want. Many will choose the dial to your liking from the manufacturer or third-party available dials. However, do not look for inspiration in digital copies dials watches of famous watch brands.

When Samsung showed its Galaxy Gear, no one was particularly alarmed. Did not cause concern with Motorola and LG. The Apple Watch is not yet sold, and few can boast of having seen the watch in person, however, the known watch company alarmed outright and try to hit the entire industry of smart watches. Recently big brands, among them Omega, Tissot, Armani, Certina, Swatch and Mondaine, have forbidden to create digital copies of their dials and use them to download to watch.

According to the report TorremtFreak, the producers have sent out relevant notices to websites and individuals who can distribute dials for smart watches. The companies refer to copyright, design rights and registered trademark.

The reaction was immediate. For example, the site FaceRepo, where you can find the appropriate skin for the dial of its smartwatch, now uses special filtration and does not allow the download of the dial, if in his tags or description includes the name of one of watch brands.

Technology is changing everything around and it was time for a well-known watch brands face the winds of change. Came into the arena opponents, methods of dealing with which is not yet invented, and here’s a watch company trying to find. And we are witnesses of how Apple Watch and other smart watches are changing the world around us, as it did smartphones.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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