So convenient: the Belarusian developers have joined the Apple keyboard and mouse [video]

Belarusian startup Pleasier presented the development of innovative keyboard with integrated touchpad. As conceived by engineers, the device will make the computer easier and more convenient.

While typing on a regular keyboard we are constantly distracted by the mouse (or touchpad in a laptop) ā€” move cursor, change the font, select a piece of text reply in Skype, in the end. In Pleasier want to minimize the effect of “distraction” that all such actions can be done without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

To do this, they replaced the letter “A” and “O” (in Russian layout) on two touchpad. Left (“And”) is used for vertical scrolling (scrolling), right is a miniature touchpad and the mouse at the same time.

A prototype of the gadget in Pleasier made on the basis of the Apple keyboard. Run the application, making sensitivity settings (if you are not satisfied with the default) and activate the touch of a button. By default, you need to hold the right up button.

The left button is responsible for scrolling, right ā€” for the movement of the cursor. A tap on her similar to mouse click, if this time hold Alt, you get a right click. There is also the gesture “drag & drop” (drag and drop/selection with the mouse) ā€” press Shift (imitation sandwiched mouse button) and then hold in desired direction on the right touch button.

After the mouse, quickly move on to typing. As soon as you press any key on the alphanumeric block is turned off automatically by sensor to avoid moving the cursor.

If you still need the “mouse”, again make a swipe on the touch button and move the cursor in the desired direction. Thus during operation, you don’t need to take your hands off the keyboard.

The resource browser 42.tut, who managed to test innovative keyboard believes the invention is very promising:

“Half an hour later I could learn to type and operate, almost without being distracted by features of the keyboard. I think, after working on a keyboard for a few days, you will forget about the need to use the mouse.

Pleasier plans by the end of the year to enter the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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