Software processing of the pictures spoils the photos on the iPhone XS

Sebastian de wit, the developer of the app for manual camera settings Halide, said that because of the Smart mode HDR for pictures with the iPhone XS/XS Max, there are many noises that smoothes software and make the photo unnatural.

The Smart HDR function on the new iPhone lets you take a photo with extended dynamic range, and then use the AI handles them so that the faces of the subjects clearly stood out again st the background of the exhibition.

iPhone X to iPhone XS

In order for this function became possible, Apple has accelerated the maximum shutter speed of the camera. As a result, decreased the amount of light entering the sensor. That photography did not become darker — the company increased the ISO of the camera, but it led to a greater noise. With them Apple has done with the help of software noise reduction, and because of this photos on iPhone XS look a little more blurry than the iPhone X.

Glad that the main issue for new cameras for as Apple may soon release a patch which will remove noise and clear pictures.

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