SolarTab: the compact solar battery, which is really rabotaet review

With the development of mobile technology and growing demands of its electronic components, not to mention the fact that the modern user does not produce gadgets from his hands. To charge them using renewable sources of energy, the idea is not new, but until recently almost did not have a convenient implementation. Whether it’s an ambitious project SolarTab?

To provide a compact charging stations running on Solar energy, it is a demanding task. Most devices that charged via USB, requires power and amperage a minimum of 5 watts and 1 amp respectively, and if the lighting is away from direct sunlight, the charging process may occur erratically or does not start. Needless to say, such roughness is not the best way affect electronics gadgets.

The simplest way used by many manufacturers, is a built-in accessory “traditional” battery. However, this solution has a serious drawback: because of their structural features they are either too slow, or the area of the solar cell is not sufficient for a full charge. It is easy to guess that this station is used primarily as a simple external battery.

To resolve the dilemma and came to the developers mind SolarTab. Here went the other way, focusing on “light” charging the internal battery. Very elegant: rather big, but designed in a compact form factor of the solar battery, calculated on the output of 5.5 watts and is placed on a fairly thin battery, which has a square has a capacity of as much as 13 000 mAh. This whole combination is a beautiful case by the type of moleskin and when closed resembles a tablet PC the size of an iPad. By the way, the current generation model, the iPad Air 2, the battery can be charged in about one and a half times.

Above the compact design of the accessory is along with power, the main advantage. The device fits easily into a backpack, briefcase or even a handbag, as the built-in battery can be used without extra charge – just leave the gadget on the window sill. This, incidentally, is another fat plus SolarTab: due to space feed connected “consumers” with solar panels, however, if you have succinct and in addition “samodeyatelnogo” of the battery so the ability fades into the background.

Of course, the product of the class on height and aesthetics. Here there is a led battery indicator, similar to Apple laptops, as well as a separate indicator that informs about charging from solar cell. As for the connectors, the SolarTab comes with two USB ports, each of which provides a current of 2.1 A/5V. Of course, charge the internal battery through micro-USB.

But the most interesting – with an adapter, one USB-C device can be connected to the new “twelve inch” MacBook or Chrome Pixel, extending the time of their independent work more than doubled. But if the computer is not used, the SolarTab will be able to charge its battery.

In General, the gadget turned out pretty original, compact, and most importantly – well thought out, which helped to get rid of the typical “childhood diseases”. Against this background, the cost of the device at US $ 120 doesn’t look too high, in the industry can cite many examples are much less useful accessories with the same or even higher price. Of course, mainly interested in enthusiasts, and travelers, and photographers who often have to work in the field, however, there is a focus on the trading platform Amazon the average user and attempt to bring such gadgets from the category of niche devices. SolarTab can be purchased at the official store of the manufacturer, and to deliver to Russia — with the help of, for example, the well-known service.

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