Something interesting from the life of Steve jobs

Think knew about the Jobs? As it is not so. Interesting story from the life of Steve shared Jonathan Rotenberg, co-founder of the Boston computer society.

“It was 1982. I organized a dinner with Steve jobs and Wozniak in one of the most prestigious restaurants of the USA under the name of L Espalier. Incredibly elegant and expensive school, you know. Perhaps, more than his in those days was not to find in all of Boston.

It just so happened that our dinner fell right on the date of Applefest’82, passing through the road. There were invited famous journalists of The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and The New York Times […].

We were just finishing our meal, Steve with his characteristic spontaneity pulled his chair to the middle of the room, stood on it and loudly announced that Applefest’82 – entirely my merit. “He’s only 19 years old! summed up Steve. And, by the way, it is absolutely free. We just have to find him a girlfriend!”.

I was terribly ashamed. Then Steve was like a disheveled hippie, and hardly seemed to realize that such antics are not appropriate for institutions like L Espalier. However, the guests were silent, and then a well-dressed man sitting opposite us with his family, he suddenly raised his hand up and exclaimed: “Oh! Our daughter will also be free!”.

Those present burst into incredible laughter. That’s how it is”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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