Sony does not play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

Fortnite recently became available for the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, not all so is smooth: users who at least once walked into Fortnite on PS4, can’t start to play with Switch – reports TechRadar.

Any owner of a Nintendo Switch can now go to eShop and download Fortnite: Battle Royale now for free. It is an opportunity not to pay for the game can attract a huge number of people. In fact, almost all the projects in Switch are quite expensive.

But many veterans Fortnite found a nasty surprise when you try to log into the game on the console with their account in Epic Games. It turned out that none of an account previously associated with the PSN, Nintendo is not activated on the Switch. The victims showed a message “Error login”.

“This account Fortnite is associated with a platform that does not allow her to work on the console,” reads the game. “Neither the site Fortnite, Epic nor Customer Service can’t change that. To play Fortnite on the Switch, create a new account”.

What’s worse, the owners of the PS4 can’t solve the issue by deleting your PSN account, which, apparently, comes the problem. The only possible way that Sony has left Epic Games to start from scratch.

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Clifton Nichols

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