Sony has eliminated the vulnerability, where the PlayStation 4 could kill a single message

Today, 16 October, Sony has announced that it fixed a bug where the PlayStation 4 was unstable after receiving the message with a symbol.

Earlier we wrote about the problem, when after opening the message that contains certain characters, the PlayStation 4 has begun to fail. However, users have observed problems with the controllers are connected, no sound and intermittent network connection. Some helped complete the factory reset for Troubleshooting.

The editors of the Verge reached out to Sony to Twitter to clarify whether the error was eliminated as the company did not issue a press release or write about the fix in his blog.

“We have already corrected the error. It wasn’t a terrible problem for consoles, a bug just ran a cyclical failure that can be resolved in less than 5 minutes. To do this, delete the message in the mobile app PlayStation Messages go to the console in safe mode, select option number 5 and the console will return to normal,” ā€“ said the representatives of the PlayStation.

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Clifton Nichols

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