Sony has filed a lawsuit against a resident of California for selling hacked consoles PS4

In the five-year history of the PS4, there were few cases of piracy, but since then, as for the console jailbreak, which allows you to run unofficial software, everything has changed, and Sony is committed to quickly shut this down.

Eric Skales hacked PS4 sold through eBay and their own website. The scale, according to statements of Sony, violated the rights of the company and the copyright Law. Eric bypassed protection systems PS4 and loaded them on pirated copies of games Call of Duty: WWII and God of War.

Sony bought the would-be burglar two their console to catch the Scales in the act, and noted that the defendant undertook to sell the printed instructions showing how to install illegal copies of games and advised people “to enjoy all the games for free.” On the website Eric even put the flag of pirates with skull and crossbones and urged people to “stop buying games”. Skales did not deny that he engaged in piracy for profit.

Sony, most likely, will not bring the matter to the prison, but it’s possible that the tech giant will require a significant amount of a penalty from Eric. As told TorrentFreak , this may be the first trial due to a hacked PS4. Thus Sony will be able to intimidate those who want or already doing illegal actions with the console company.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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