Sony released a new PlayStation Communities for iOS and Android

Sony has announced a new mobile app for owners of the PlayStation 4, which was called Communities. The program allows gamers to chat with each other and allows access to the PlayStation community, where users can find other players with the same interests.

PlayStation Communities allows players of the PlayStation 4 to stay in touch with friends, even if they are not behind the console. Previously this could only be done directly at the gaming console, but now users can communicate anytime and anywhere. Sony said that the app is unavailable for previous generations of the PlayStation.

Communities also gives access to the communities in which the owners of PlayStation 4 can find other players with the same interests. For example, if the gamer needs a team to pass the RAID in Destiny, he can collect it in the community for this game. The application has the ability to view profiles of the community to connect and publish messages.

PlayStation Communites allows you to browse the profiles of the communities, and publish graphics and text messages on the wall. The app is available for free download in online stores App Store and Google Play.

Download PlayStation Communities for the iPhone and iPad at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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