Speakers iPhone 7 in new ad

Do not tire of repeating that love is products from Apple and other means of advertising, done tastefully. On the official YouTube channel of Apple has a new promotional video dedicated to the iPhone 7. At this time the company focuses on the stereo of their new smartphone, but once again points to the fact that the smartphone is protected against the ingress of water.

Minute video called “Dive” is a short story of a jump into the water. Surely you will like it. All the action takes place under the sounds of the song La Virgen de La Macarena performed by Arturo Sandoval. This melody is heard from the loud speaker of the iPhone 7.

The most keen-eyed readers will notice that when an iPhone owner opens the control Center, the screen displays information about the connected headphones AirPods. These headphones are yet to be released, and their release was postponed. Benefit iPhone 7 without headphones and plays music.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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