Specialists iFixit disassembled Apple Watch Series 4 and noted the high build quality

Less than a week after the start of sales Apple Watch Series 4, craftsmen iFixit disassembled the watch to show their components and estimate maintainability. In iFixit said that the watch inside is made much better predecessors.

Workshop iFixit got 44-millimeter Apple Watch Series 4 with LTE. The first thing you noticed employees iFixit ā€” the minimum amount of glue inside the case. In previous models of the Apple Watch was used very much glue, which complicate access to the components and spoiling their design.

Most of the space in the body occupied by the battery and motor for vibration Taptic Engine. At first glance, Apple Watch Series 4 do not differ from the previous hours of the company, but experts iFixit found a lot of changes:

  • In Series 4 battery is installed on 291,8 mAh. This was 4% more than the battery capacity of the Apple Watch 42 mm Series 3 ā€” 279 mAh.
  • Motor Taptic Engine became thinner and longer, but it still takes up valuable space that could be used to extend battery life.
  • Barometer moved in a speaker grille for better access to the atmosphere. In the Apple Watch Series 3 of the sensor was a separate place near the microphone.
  • The new processor Apple S4 fixed only with the screws. Prior to this, the company used the glue.
  • Golden ring acts as an antenna.
  • The screen is not only bigger, but also thinner.

Following the opening of the Apple Watch Series 4 got 6 out of 10 points on a scale of maintainability iFixit. The same number of points earned iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. The master said that the display is still the most difficult component to repair and the battery is easily replaced.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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