Spotify introduced an application for iMessage

After almost a year since the release of iOS 10 Spotify finally launched their app for iMessage. Now, to share the track, will not have to leave the chat.

To activate the Spotify app for iMessage you need to open AppStore in the messenger, download the Spotify icon and turn the switch to the active position.

App functionality is limited. Share listening track is impossible. Instead, users will have to find every track manually. In addition, the recipient will not receive the full track, as in the case of Apple Music but only the 30-second clip.

To listen to the song fully, you will have to follow the link in the main application service.

Spotify is a major competitor to Apple Music. The collection service over 40 million tracks. It was 140 million listeners worldwide, of whom about 60 million use a paid subscription.

It is possible, a new app for iMessage, will help the company to increase its paying audience among owners of iPhone and iPad. It is strange that they did not come to this decision sooner.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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