Stacked — like case from Apple, only much better

Perhaps in the holidays you want to give someone a device for charging his iPhone on the go. Perhaps it will be external battery, but perhaps you are looking at the cover with a built-in battery. Recently appeared in the sale case Smart Battery Case from Apple seems the best option, however, as we have seen, its look like is not for everyone. In this case, I recommend to look in the direction of the case Stacked.

Stacked is a very bold and original idea. This accessory consists of three parts. The first is the cover itself. It is slim and quite elegant, because it is not a hidden battery. The battery is hidden in the second part, which is fastened to the case using a special magnet. The capacity of this battery is 2750 mAh, and, unlike the original accessory, it is able to charge the battery of your iPhone to 100%.

The third part is a wireless wall charger. You can use it to charge extra battery can charge the phone in the case, and can charge them simultaneously. Moreover, you can simultaneously charge your iPhone and up to 5 additional batteries from a single charge. All of them are attached to each other with magnets.

Imagine how long you can not come up to the wall with this case and a set of five batteries. One night of charging — and you’re ready for a long trip. In this case “Stacked” implies a “hump”, but can be removed at any time. Something could come up with Apple, but did it for her.

No wires, no signal loss and no problems with a dead smartphone. Stacked is 129,99 dollar and is available in both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. You can find on sale case black, white and gold colors. Each additional battery costs $ 58.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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