Staff Razer prefer iPhone smartphones of its own production

The Internet does not forgive anything. Like many other companies, Razer has made a serious omission when posting news on Twitter about the release of its flagship gaming smartphone ā€“ Razer Phone 2.

As you know, yesterday, October 10, was held the presentation of the company, which is famous for its gadgets and accessories for gamers. Razer has released the Razer Phone 2 with many new features ā€“ from logo, glowing in the rhythm of the notification to the CPU called “steam chamber”.

But, if marketers wrong, or do the employees themselves do not use their own products. Screenshot of the publish Razer immediately after the announcement of the Razer Phone 2 Twitter ā€“ instead of a thousand words.

Now, certainly for anybody not a secret that employees prefer Razer iPhone. Most likely, the sales of Razer Phone 2 this fact will not change, because the device is quite specific and the potential buyers are the most loyal fans of the company and tehnologiy.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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