Starbucks will add support for AirPower

At Starbucks there is a special area with built-in wireless charging. Now they add support for AirPower (wireless charging Apple). This was reported by The Verge.

Starbucks will add support for AirPower

Starbucks has partnered with Powermat, a company that specializiruetsya on wireless charging, but its technology is based on the PMA standard charging, which is not compatible with the new iPhone.

To resolve this problem, update the Powermat charging pads to Starbucks. According to the resource SlashGear, you do not need anything in them to be replaced, because you can upgrade, which is available to download from the cloud.

Upgrade gradually spread, by region, and probably to the start of sales of iPhone X, most Starbucks will support AirPower.

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