Steve jobs could have known about the development of Apple Watch

Apple Watch, unveiled to the world in 2014 and received on free sale only in 2015, can be called the first major project at Apple since the untimely departure of Steve jobs. But, according to some sources, Steve still could have known about the upcoming release of “smart” hours.

Last last Thursday of the conference Glance Conf in San Francisco, dedicated Apple Watch, the famous American IT journalist Tim Bajarin made a very unusual statement. According to him, the jobs, who was his longtime friend and with whom they are connected very strong yet strained relationship, knew of the existence of the project smart hours.

“Steve was in the course [of development] Apple Watch ā€” Tim told a wide audience of analysts and journalists present in the hall. ā€“ However, he did not consider the watch as a present product of the company”.

Despite such a weighty statement, “old friend” Steve jobs did not go into details, than entered the public astray. His words came into direct conflict with the recent paper edition of Wired, where it was said that jony Ive thinking about only hours after the death of the founder of the company. Quote:

“Ive started dreaming about the Apple Watch until after the death of Steve jobs in October 2011. Shortly thereafter, he shared the idea with a small team of designers […]”.

However, considering the rather cool attitude of Steve to release hours version about the exceptional initiative of sir Jonathan becomes more apparent. Perhaps jobs, who adhered to the most conservative, could not prevent the placing on the market is not yet well established product. However, his departure could unleash a Quince in the hand, which looks very natural phenomenon.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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