Steve jobs on how the Internet will change torgovly review

In 1996 the Internet was still young and fresh, but Steve jobs, like anyone else, knew what he would become. The BusinessInsider published a short excerpt from an interview with the then head of Apple Wired magazine. In conversation innovator shared his opinion about the future of the world wide web.

“The heart of the Internet, he said. ā€” Will online trading, and the heart of the trade will be America that will deliver products to customers.” Under the founder of America’s largest companies meant for your home country was identified as an industry leader. Perhaps now no one will argue that he was wrong, but then the journalist had to ask clarifying questions.

Journalist: And what do you see?
Jobs: Who do you think will win from the Internet?
Journalist: People who have something that can…
Jobs: Selling!
Journalist: What is something you can share!
Jobs: No, to sell!
Journalist: do You mean “publish”?
Jobs: No, it goes much further. It’s a company. People will no longer go to different stores. They will buy online.
Journalist: what do you think about the fact that the Internet “calls” people?
Jobs: If you look at everything I do, you will see that in all this there is an element of “adjustment” In this Network too. There is even a small local company can look as large, and to be as accessible to the consumer, as an international Corporation. Usually big companies spend millions of dollars on the development of the distribution network, the Internet completely neutralizes that advantage.
Journalist: what will it be like the economy then?
Jobs: the Internet is not going to change the world completely, at least not before ten years, but he will significantly complement. The Internet is not filling all. If your Network will be available for 10% of all services and goods ā€” this can be considered a phenomenon. But I think everything will be bigger and sooner or later the Internet will become an important part of any economy.

Jobs was an entrepreneur to the core, so that you accurately predicted what will happen to the trading. At the same time as notice of the media, he failed to predict the development and popularity of social networks ā€” at least evidence that they don’t know.

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Clifton Nichols

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