Steve jobs: the romance of the era and the elixir bessmertie comment

In the modern world Steve jobs is literally a legend. But legends are not born, and one of the originators of the richest to date, the Corporation standing is not calculating a business genius, and an ambitious dreamer, the energy beat over the edge. Published recently the book “Steve jobs” sheds light on interesting details of the life of the great inventor, not telling the world about such a tough and cynical Manager, as says of him the conventional wisdom.

First steps to stardom, which reveals the genius of eager new computer world achievements were made by jobs in the late 70-ies of XX century. It was then, during the formation, as it is now fashionable to say, the start-up of several primary serious purpose of guys, the idea was born, which radically changed the attitude of the person to the computer and predetermined the development of the industry for many years to come. Have to wonder how green the rookie managed to beat the hardened business sharks, prozhivavshih lying on the surface of the idea. Who knows, maybe the then market leaders just arranged them is quite good from a financial point of view, the position, and maybe no one really thought of the fact that cumbersome, difficult to manage, and just standing as a good car PC, one on four in the office or lab is not the ultimate dream. Could anyone imagine that for a compact machine of the near future will become one single user, and the phrase “personal computer” will turn into synonymous with the actual computer itself?

At the time to call Apple a competitor to the giant IBM, behind which were the years of successful work, it would be not just weird, and even somewhat funny. But jobs was the one who could be frightened by big names. Instead of trying to beat the Titan in his game, the young entrepreneur makes a move and offers the world a new, personal approach. Picks up the baton, which subsequently picks up a lot of different companies and which was destined to initiate the penetration of information technologies in the home of every modern man. The first sign of this new era and became famous for the Apple II.

Sometimes it seems that this computer, which incorporates the best ideas of two bosom friends, impossibly similar to the jobs. Like his inspirer, he was not afraid to challenge the canons, it would seem, already an established industry, “domashnev”, according to Steve, the concept of PC in seven years, selling worldwide more than two million copies.

At the core of Apple is a bunch of “user — computer”, and we believe that something completely new is happening here. Our main task is to produce such devices, which would not have long to learn, says the jobs on the pages of the new biography, where he describes an interview with the New Yorker in 1977.

This strategy has determined the secret to the success of many future products of the company. Innovative and easy to use music service iTunes, which refused to believe bigwigs of the music business, in fact saved a drowning in “piracy” out of the money the record industry. Revolutionary iPad, despite calling it the “frame” of journalists, created a market similar solutions over again, becoming for many people synonymous with the tablet computer. Easy iPhone, on which with might and main fun of competitors, virtually destroyed the hegemony of such legendary brands as Finnish Nokia and canadian Blackberry, and the iPhone just seven years Apple has transformed from inexperienced in the segment newcomer to the most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world.

With this we can not agree, but most of all, the legacy of jobs will remain in the heart forever Apple. Will a company be able to keep it in the form which it would like the founder, to say, of course, is not easy. But in some ways, no doubt — in the depths of Apple’s laboratories today Mature bold new ideas, which tomorrow may be all the chance to spend a carefree leaders under their own laughter at the long deserved their rest.

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