Steve jobs thought about creating easy and affordable car well before project Titan

Edition of the Guardian reported on the prototype vehicle V-Vehicle, which attracted the attention of the legendary founder of Apple Steve jobs. It was an attempt to create a lightweight, inexpensive to manufacture machine, a secret which was to use cheap materials.

Working with designers Tom Matano and Anke a Bodak, designer Bryan Thompson has developed a body of polypropylene and fiberglass, which was 40% lighter than a conventional steel body of the car and cost up to 70% cheaper. Creamy white hatchback had unpainted body panels and space frame body. According to such methods, as a rule, was designed high end vehicles like Ferrari 360 or Audi.

Steve jobs was very interested in this car. Within a few hours after Thompson found out about it, the team delivered the car to the house businessman, the founder of Apple in 15 minutes gave the developers a lot of valuable advice.

Jobs advised Thompson to focus on the plastic instead of masking it. “Let the materials will be fair,” he said, noting the dashboard is made from wood fibers, a mixture of synthetic resins and wood pulp. Steve jobs suggested that the design would be much more advantageous if the panel will look like a single unit, which will cause a sense high precision”. With this idea he often turned to the chief Apple designer Jonathan Quince.

The demonstration was held at the home of Steve jobs. It is noteworthy that this episode took part not announced at the time the iPhone model. At that time, jobs was talking with the designer of the house came the son of the founder of Apple, Reid, and complained of the fact that the smartphone is not running. “Get back in the house,” impressive said jobs, and then moved deep and thoughtful look at the car. It was 2010 and complained about the son of Steve jobs on the iPhone 4 prototype.

In the end, V-Vehicle has failed, but subsequently, the design and other elements of the vehicle was repurchased by the former Director of the company NeXT plans which was to begin production in Italy, embodying some of the ideas of the head of the “Apple” of the company.

“6 years later after meeting jobs and Thompson, many of the ideas were picked up by more well-known car manufacturers: BMW i3 became the first car in the interior which used the wood fibres, and the recent model of Tesla has an ultra-light elements of the body that compensate for the heavy batteries,” writes the newspaper.

V-Vehicle gives hints about what will be Apple’s own car. Although it is obvious that the new model will not be made of plastic and cheap. But lightweight design is possible.

The issue of unmanned Apple car codenamed Project Titan is expected by 2020.

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