Steve jobs worked on an Apple TV even after stepping down as CEO

In August 2011, after the resignation as head of Apple, Steve jobs was not going to leave the company, and planned to do a television project. Writes Re/code, the founder of the “Apple” of the Empire decided to reinvent the TV.

Journalist Walt Mossberg remembers how in the evening he called Steve jobs and said that it transfers control of Apple to Tim cook. He told about the plans on TV. “I think we’ll figure out how to do it and that would be fantastic,” said jobs.

Unfortunately, less than two months he was gone, and Apple has not made serious steps in this direction. Instead of creating their own television, the company is working on a television service and a private guide for the Apple TV.

“I think he wanted to talk with me because he felt sentimental. And he wanted to tell me he’s not going anywhere, ” says Mossberg. – It will be in. Their press release made some clear hints of it. He wanted I knew he will participate in strategic decision-making and is going to leave one big product for themselves.

“I asked, what is it? says Mossberg. – He said, TV. “I think we’ll figure out how to do it and that would be fantastic. I want a few months you come I want to show it,” said jobs”.

Mossberg believes that the founder of Apple talking about TV and not the set top box.

“He was very weak. It was difficult to parse the auditory nuances in speech. But he was very excited, ” says Mossberg. – If then you asked me, I would have said that he decided to reinvent the TV. This would be the device Apple-style – of high quality and very easy to use. He thought more than of the gland and it was clear.”

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