Steve Wozniak will have lunch with you for a “small” reward

Did someone of you live chat with his idol or at least a famous person, to see that many will not be never? It is unlikely those will gain the most. But, knowing the expectations of the fans and decided to play on their own status as a legendary man, Steve Wozniak suggested everyone to meet him with a bottle of champagne and just chat. Of course, not free.

A date with Who auctioned his close friend Matt Spergel, of course, with the consent of the first. Starting bid at $ 5,000 has already been killed by one willing, but lucky will be the one who will pay the highest amount. A small remark: Wozniak would go with his champagne, that will save you from additional costs.

Proceeds, as usual, will go to a good cause, namely to help in the promotion of talented musicians from the Oakland East Bay team Live Music.

“Steve’s love of music stretches back to his youth, said Spergel. It was the Who, who managed to turn jobs in Bob Dylan. But Who did much more than that. He was the author of ideas of numerous festivals, taking a direct part in the organization Shoreline Amphitheatre, bill Graham […]. And here’s Steve again supports talented musicians in their endeavors, helping them to do what they love”.

Wozniak is no stranger to encounters with strangers. He had previously participated in several charity dinners to raise money for the research of Alzheimer’s disease. The total amount of the proceeds then amounted to over $ 100,000, so expect cheap Banquet is clearly not necessary.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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