Stolen digital identity costs less than $ 50

“Kaspersky lab” has studied Dark Web and found that the cost of most digital personalities often does not exceed $ 50. The official press release published on the website of the company.

Under the digital identity includes information Internet sites, information about banking cards, even the history of gaming applications and programs. Hacking such systems, the cost to the attackers is very cheap ā€” about one dollar. For wholesale cybercriminals hackers have provided a whole discount support, and in some cases the owners of stolen accounts abruptly ceased to work, can get a new one absolutely free.

Theft of digital identity is much more serious than it might seem at first: in addition to receiving access to confidential information and money, anyone can be the victim of reputational and financial damage, taking someone’s money or even committing a crime from another person.

Because modern society is very careless about cyber security to steal personal information very easily with phishing campaigns and bugs.

“It is clear that data theft is a serious threat to all users, its effects are felt at both individual and societal levels. Fortunately, there are measures that everyone can take to prevent the occurrence of similar problems. You must use strong passwords, effective security software and realize the full scope of the personal information we post on social networks in open access and free pass to various organizations,” ā€“ said Sergey Lozhkin, senior virus expert “Kaspersky Lab”.

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