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The race for second place in the smartphone market, again iPhone 8 and a little bit about fragile Ilona Mask.

1. Huawei overtook Apple sold more smartphones in June and July.

Top managers of Chinese companies for the third consecutive year to publicly declare that the goal of Huawei ā€” the first place to the shipment (while there reigns the Samsung). But the second guys still climbed!

Topic: reflections on why it happened and hold any conditional vendor of “silver”.

2. Apple builds videomario.

Have iTunes is Apple’s Music ā€” probably in the future they are blind in one massive platform like Netflix. To do this, Apple requires high-quality, popular designs (“planet of the apps” and “Capsules-karaoke” enough), and monolingual experts. People already gain.

Topic: the attempts to seize the rights to “Bondiana”.

3. In October in Moscow will be Steve Wozniak.

And even will deliver a lecture at the all-Russian festival of science NAUKA 0+.

4. “Frameless” iPhone 8 will be late (and probably cheaper).

The main question will evaluate whether the new Apple smartphone with a minimum amount of memory in 1000 dollars? This week appeared a faint hope that the flagship will be slightly cheaper, but take possession of it in September will not work with the production of no time.

Topic: analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explains why “eight” is more expensive than the previous generation.

5. The President of the Russian Federation spoke about the importance of artificial intelligence (the great scare Elon musk).

The topic ā€” just a quote:

Who will be the leader in this sphere [AI], will be master of the world.

Bonus: a selection of games and applications for iOS, which is given for free.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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