Subscribers of “Beeline” are experiencing problems with activation iMessage

Today, our editorial Inbox literally exploded from issues of iPhone users who have encountered problems when activating iMessage. The money for the activation were written off, and the service still was not working. Later it turned out that all the victims were subscribers of “Beeline”, and the problem really is. But not on the side of Apple.

@iPrizrak help!!
Can’t activate iMessage
Come SMS that the message is not delivered and money deducted
iPhone doesn’t see my number

ā€” Alexadner Mylnikov (@YaAlexMyln) 19 November 2015

We contacted the official Apple tech support, where after some time we were told that customers many times addressed the problem activate iMessage. However, it appeared that on the “Apple” of the company are all operating normally and, therefore, issues directly on the side of “Beeline”.

It’s unclear when the problem will be resolved: we contacted representatives of the operator, but they have not yet had time to provide comment on this issue. Apple has kindly provided us with a temporary solution before activation will work.

Experts advise to use messaging iMessage email address from an Apple ID it is working properly, and you will be able to communicate. You can do this in the section “Messages” ā€” “Send/receive”. Select the e-mail address as the primary.

Did you notice today trouble activating iMessage?

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Clifton Nichols

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