Super Rez Zoom from Google — a new word in digital zooming

The camera Google Pixel 3 has many impressive capabilities. One of them is Super Res Zoom that improves digital zoom and allows you to get decent results when shooting a single camera lens, as in Pixel 3.

Team AI was explained today in a blog post that the camera takes a preparatory frame before you shoot the photo instead of having to first take a picture and then crop the picture. This helps to improve the image quality by using special algorithms.

The developers noted that most of the other digital zoom cut the high-resolution images, and then improve them, and this process leads to loss of detail. Method from Google comparable to optical zoom in the range of doubling.

Left picture with Pixel 2, Pixel 3 to the right

Google already uses multi-frame shooting photo for HDR+ mode on models Pixel. Super Res Zoom, the company uses a technique called “dribbling,” which captures and combines multiple images taken from slightly different angles.

It uses negligible motion when the user’s hand shaking while holding the phone, to receive multiple frames. If the phone is mounted on a tripod, the camera shifts slightly to mimic these movements and capture additional frames.

The Google blog has more information about how this feature works and some tips for using the camera on the devices Pixel.

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Clifton Nichols

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