Supporters of Donald trump calling for a boycott of Apple after the failure of the company to Fund the Republican Convention

Supporters of billionaire Donald trump called for a boycott of Apple after she refused to sponsor the Republican Convention in Cleveland, where trump will be nominated for US President from the party. They launched a campaign with the hashtag #boycottapple.

On the eve of the publication Politico, citing sources in the Apple announced that the company has refused funding and support traditional pre-election Congress of the Republican party for the candidacy of trump. According to reports, the reason for the denial became controversial and critical statements billionaire “on women, immigrants and minorities, admitted in the course of the campaign.

Position Apple is “a symptom of growing tension between Silicon valley and the Republican candidate,” said the source. “Trump has used their criticisms against an entire industry of technology, but he singled out Apple, calling for a boycott of all products of the company, and also criticized the position of Executive Director Tim cook over the position of Apple regarding encryption”, — notes the edition.

Previously, Apple has traditionally supported the congresses of the Republican and democratic parties. Although the sponsorship, the company usually had a fairly limited. So, in 2008, it has provided computers and other equipment amounting to $140 000.

Currently, the Apple strategy concerning the support of the Congress of Democrats remains unclear. Representatives of the California giant and the Republican party declined to comment.

Tellingly, Facebook and Microsoft still going to support trump, lighting events, providing hardware and software. The Republican Convention will be held in Cleveland in July.

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