Supports Apple connectors are an average of 15 years, the 3.5-mm port lasted 32 years

As you know, this year Apple will abandon the model of the audio interface in the iPhone 7, which many consider to be quite radical. Explorer The Verge of Nali Patel, who studied the evolution of interfaces “Apple” technique, came to the conclusion that the rejection of a 3.5 mm Jack can hardly be called hasty.

According to the study, Apple supports standards, and ports for an average of 15 years. Headphone, the company uses since 1984 for 32 years. In other words, the decision to switch to a more modern connector in smartphones can hardly be called hasty.

“We never thought that Apple has supported most of the standards about 15 years. Even the floppy drive, which on the iMac seemed radical, lasted 15 years. We accept USB connectors for granted, but they exist for 18 years and you can see that the new MacBook in place came USB C. an Interesting cycle,” writes Patel.

To track patterns in the timing of “retirement” different interfaces will not work, said the journalist. Apple refuses to standard is totally unexpected.

“Original plastic MacBook, for example, support VGA, but switched to ports, mini-VGA. Then Apple switched to the mini-DVI, then mini DisplayPort, and now Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 uses the same output and DisplayPort. That is the port exists but a connection standard completely different.

Earlier version about why Apple decided to abandon the 3.5 mm audio Jack is now offered journalists Yahoo Finance. The fact that this connector will not fit in the iPhone 8. The device will come in a new form-factor and are too subtle and complex in a constructive manner, so old connector it just won’t fit. The flagship of this year the iPhone 7 will be something of a means of adjustment for consumers, a step towards a future without analog audio jacks.

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