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Israeli company learned to steal data from any cloud.

The developers of the Israeli company NSO Group have updated the Pegasus software: now, using the program, you can access data from any user of the infected device, wherever they are – in the local storage or in the cloud.

Hacking is different from simply stealing a password and is difficult to track. Everything happens unnoticed: Pegasus collects and clones smartphone authentication tokens in different services, pretends to them and gets access to the data. Two-factor authentication does not help here. Apple in a statement to The Financial Times confirmed that the possibility of hacking really exists.

For the first time about Pegasus became known in 2016, after an unsuccessful attempt to install on the iPhone, a human rights activist from the United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Mansur. Already then, the application could read text messages, track calls, collect passwords and …


iOS 13 allows you to transfer data from one iPhone to another via cable

In the code iOS 13 beta 3, released on July 2, the developers discovered a new welcome window that appears when you first set up your smartphone or after returning to the factory settings. It offers the user a new way to transfer data between devices.

Now when setting up a new device on iOS, you can restore it from your iTunes backup or from iCloud. Another option is to transfer data from another iPhone, which is nearby, wirelessly.

The iOS 13 beta 3 code suggests that Apple is working on transferring data from one device to another using a cable. The hidden icon shows this kind of connection.

Apple does not release Lightning-Lightning cables, so it's not possible to test the new data transfer method now. Maybe Apple is implementing a feature in the new iPhone with a USB-C …