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Why Apple buried the dream of your own car

It looks like Apple turns the Titan project, whose goal was the development of the last dream of Steve jobs – own car.

During the first iPhone when the smartphone was neither multi-tasking nor the functions “copy-insert”, users joked that if Steve jobs released his car, she would have square wheels and it went in a straight line.

In every joke there is a joke share. After the death of Steve jobs, the journalists found out that Apple indeed has plans to build its own electric car. …


The failure of Apple from your own car turned out to be nothing more than a rumor

Amid reports about the cessation of work on your own car Apple continues to strengthen ties with Magna Steyr, according to Auto Vesti. But it is considered the main candidate for the role of the manufacturer of iCar.

Specialists of the Austrian-canadian group Magna Steyr had to assist in the development and production of a number of major international car brands – Jaguar and Mini to Mercedes-Benz and Tesla. Now, according to rumors, one of the production sites of the company …


The second stage cook: what will happen to Apple next 5 years?

Since the appointment of Tim cook as the head of Apple it has been five years. During this time the current CEO of “Apple” company has shown itself as an effective leader, able to ensure the Corporation’s stable financial growth even in difficult economic conditions and a General decline in some markets.

The shadow of the founder and first head of Apple Steve jobs Tim cook has consistently pursued,. “When Steve Jobs was not like this” – often heard in comments in the press and social …


How will the car of the future from Apple?

Famous designer from Azerbaijan Samir Sadikhov showed the most probable appearance of the Apple branded electric car.

According to reports, the car Project Titan will be produced at the Magna Steyr plant in Graz in Austria. To create a car Apple has hired hundreds of automotive engineers, including former employees of Tesla Motors. They work in San Francisco and in Berlin, there are another 20 experts from famous automotive companies. The fruit of their creations to appear in public in …


BMW will support Apple CarPlay in cars M3 and M4 2017

Two years ago, Apple announced CarPlay car platform, which should offer users “more thoughtful, safer and more fun way to use iPhone in the car.”

Last year there appeared information about the fact that BMW and Apple are in talks about a secret project. Someone decided that we could go on about electric iCar, but perhaps everything is much easier. In may it became known that the BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M will receive support CarPlay. And today the manufacturer announced the price list for …


Tesla CEO: Apple was late to develop its own electric car

The head of Tesla Elon Musk believes that Apple is late to think about developing their own electric car. The company from Cupertino has a chance to begin production of the car over the next 4 years, said a top Manager.

Musk said that Apple will start production of electric cars not later than 2020. He called the hypothetical iCar direct competitor Тesla. In his opinion, Apple decided to create their car too late, but it may release a great model.

“They will probably make a good …


Whether Apple will be able to beat Tesla in the electric car market?

Not long ago, Tesla Motors made a very smart move. She hired Peter Hochholdinger that governed the production of electric vehicles. Prior to that, Hochholdinger worked at Audi. Throughout his career he has engaged exclusively in the creation of cars of this company. A car, coming from the pen of this master, considered to be masterpieces of automotive industry. Partly, it is to him that Audi owes its status as the pearl of the holding company of the VW Group.

For Tesla Motors last week …