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From Shazam’d the ad

After two and a half months after Apple announced the completion of the acquisition of Shazam from the app on iOS has removed all ads, reports MacRumors.

Before Shazam, like many other apps, showing ads. However, beginning with version 12.5.1 of it were removed all ads.

When you start Shazam still starts immediately to look around the unfamiliar songs. On the left is a “My Shazam” which are all songs that the user has ever searched for. On the right is a screen with …


Bug in iOS allows you to bypass the password and get access to contacts on iPhone

In the latest update for Apple gadgets – iOS 12.1, released this week, was discovered a bug that allows you to bypass the lock screen. The exploit allows access to contacts on an iPhone using FaceTime group calls for information without the access code.

This bug works only for iOS 12.1 and was discovered several hours later after the final release of the OS. We have tested it and can confirm that it is really possible to access contacts in iOS 12.1 without unlocking the device. …


European authorities have approved the deal Apple and Shazam

The European Commission has authorized Apple to buy the service for identifying music Shazam, reports MacRumors.

The audit of the transaction, the authorities of the European Union said that the purchase of Shazam will not adversely affect competition in the European economic area or a significant part of the region.

Data integration Shazam won’t give Apple a unique advantage in the market in which it operates. Any concerns on this matter are meaningless because the data is not …


Comparing the performance of iOS 12 and iOS 8 beta 11.4.1 – video

Weekly Apple releases a new iOS build 12, and each of them impresses with their performance. Here and the eighth beta is different.

YouTube-blog iAppleBytes conducted another speed test of multiple iPhone models running iOS 12 and iOS 8 beta 11.4.1.

The gap of performance between the new version and the old system continues to grow. And it is more noticeable on older smart phones. For example, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 with every new release work more smoothly and a little …


Jailbreak is alive: create an improved alternative to Cydia

Despite the fact that, in the opinion of many skeptics, jailbreaking had its day, enthusiasts continue to improve tools for jailbroken iPhone.

AppTapp developers have long promised to release its own version of the store with Takami, which will compete with all famous Cydia. According to a post on the forum Reddit, after five months of development, hackers have finished creating your store and ready to present it to users.

Installer 5 is the complete Manager for Apple devices with …


List of iOS bugs that have tormented users for the last six years

From year to year people complain that iOS increased the number of errors and failures. In fact, they always had a lot. Talk about them in detail.

The human consciousness is arranged so that all the bad things very quickly forgotten. And although it seems to us that before the grass was greener, of course, it was not so. After each stable release of the mobile operating system Apple, specialized resources have appeared in paintings of the text with the theme “24 iOS 8 and how to …


Full story iOS

Talk about how to develop the most advanced operating system in the world.

Demonstrating the first iPhone, Steve jobs called the device the competitors children. Apple, in turn, made the industry and showed how to be truly smart phone.

In the first version of iOS (then iPhone OS) had many advanced features and capabilities. But, if you look at them now, it seems that it’s not a smartphone, but just a toy.

Steve jobs always believed that the development software you need to start …


All that is known about iOS 11.4

Recently released iOS 11.3, but this is not the last intermediate release. Soon will begin testing iOS 11.4 and this was confirmed by Apple itself.

First of all, it is known that the new operating system will support ClassKit. A new set of tools for developers creating educational apps and utilities. This is stated on the official website of the Corporation.

Second, Apple should finally start the promised AirPlay 2. This feature was announced at WWDC 2017. For almost a …