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After several years of criticism of Apple, Samsung has removed the headphone Jack in its latest smartphone

Recently, Samsung introduced a smartphone Galaxy A8s, which in many ways is a landmark for the company. This is the first phone with a cut in the screen, a new form of camera, and it has no headphone Jack.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in 2016, Samsung criticized the company for lack of the 3.5 mm connector. Samsung has released many promotional videos, which pokes fun at Apple over missing the audio connector, and stresses the superiority of their smartphones. …


Belkin has released the audio cable for iPhone 3.5 mm connector

Accessory maker Belkin has introduced a certified audio Lightning 3.5 mm. Pre-orders are already accepted on the official website of the company, writes MacRumors.

The cable is designed to connect the iPhone with the sound devices. With this wire you can connect the smartphone to the car stereo through the AUX port. Previously, this required an adapter from Lightning to 3.5 mm.

Using the cable Belkin iPhone, you can connect with home speakers and headphones. This is possible …


iPhone 7 vs iPhone 2G: what has changed in 9 years?

The first iPhone in 2007 revolutionized the market. What is an iPhone 7, presented in September of this year? “Seven” also made a small revolution: Apple stripped the device 3.5 mm headphone Jack. We offer you to look at what else has changed in nine years.


It took several years until Apple decided to increase the size of their devices. The iPhone 7 screen with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, while the first iPhone 3.5-inch. Changed the display resolution of the iPhone 2G — 960 x 640 …


Whether Google Pixel alternative to the iPhone?

Recently, October 4, at a special ceremony in San Francisco, Google has presented their latest smartphone Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. The assurances of the Corporation, not only are they the most advanced to date, but also, among other things, have the best smartphones of the camera and, in addition, fully developed inside Google. For the production of new products will meet the Taiwanese company HTC, which, as she says Goggle, its the relationship is similar to that for many years there …


Confirmed: the new iPhone 3 GB of RAM and record the battery

How many disputes about the amount of RAM in the iPhone 7 Plus — is still the existence of 3 GB of RAM confirmed solely by the benchmarks. Specialists of the service center iFixit were quick to shed light on this mystery and talked not only about how much “RAM” the new iPhone, but something else.

First, it is worth noting that now the iPhone is “open” not on top, as before, and like a book, providing easy access to all components.

Same audio Jack Apple traded on the improved …


The Chinese ordered the iPhone 7, and got the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and the magical map to join them

Not always favorable at first glance the offer is not actually. Chinese Kanel ‘ Mimi shared her story of the unsuccessful purchase the iPhone 7 using the social network. She ordered over the Internet the brand new Apple smartphone, but instead got two old iPhone and the magical map for the merger.

The girl stumbled on the social network Facebook on a tempting offer: the iPhone 7 in the color “rose gold” for only $500. Such an attractive price that was lower than the market, not bother …


News Apple, issue 153: the New MacBook Pro, the success of iPhone SE and the FBI against Apple

We present to your attention the 153rd edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the rumors about the new MacBook Pro, the iPhone success SE new turn in the confrontation between the FBI and Apple and more!

1. Judging by the recent find of a Portuguese programmer in the source code of the operating system OS X 10.11.4, desktop operating system may soon be renamed …


Buyers are delighted with the iPhone SE

When Apple introduced the new iPhone SE, analysts have unanimously started talking that the new product is doomed to failure — say, four-year design and modern stuffing can’t qualify for something in the modern conditions. To argue with them was useless until yesterday, when it became the first known statistics on pre-orders iPhone SE.

China alone already pre-order the new iPhone 3.4 million, with 1.3 million smartphones in the “gold” color …


Isn’t it time to abandon the 3.5 mm Jack in your iPhone?

Each new iPhone thinner than the previous, unless his name has no letter “S”. Sooner or later the company will have to stop, because the components of the smartphone can not be arbitrarily thin. However, it’s possible that Apple is able to reject those components that do not conform to a trend of thickness reduction, e.g. from a headphone Jack of 3.5 mm.

3.5 mm audio output today remains inviolable standard. Earlier the mobile phones were used their own unique connectors for headset or 2.5 …