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Voice assistant Alisa learned how to conduct tours in the Pushkin Museum

Voice assistant “Alice” can now become a personal guide users in the Pushkin Museum. It’s enough to have a headset and downloaded the app “Yandex”.

The first event in which “Alice” can be use personally guide has become the new impressionist exhibition. In order to use the voice assistant, you must have a mobile phone or tablet, headphones and an installed app browser “Yandex”. According to representatives of the Pushkin Museum, this integration will make the Museum even more modern …


Application Kaliningrad miniature Park can block because of the “Swallow’s nest”

Kaliningrad miniature Park “History of architecture” told about the threats Apple to block the app in the app Store due to an audio guide of the Crimean castle “swallow’s nest”. This was announced by the journalists of the Agency “Interfax”.

According to Alexandra Vetoshkina (Director for development of company “Hydrocomfort”, who acted as the investor of the project), Apple sent the Museum a letter in which he announced the intention to block the app within the next two weeks. The …


Austrian collector does not know where to store 1100 Mac

Roland Bor repairs Apple computers since 1980-ies. During this time he collected the world’s largest private collection of Mac, and he doesn’t know where its stored, because on a former warehouse space is running out.

According to Reuters, the collection Bor has more than 1100 computers. This is two times more than the number of exhibits in the Apple Museum in Prague, which has 472 devices.

After 2018, Apple opened its first store in Vienna, the business Throws began to bring him a …


Apple shuts flagship store in the Louvre

Apple stores opened in the Louvre in 2009 under the name of Apple Carrousel du Louvre. Nine years later, the company announced the closure of outlets in the main Museum of Paris.

Rumors about the termination of the Paris Apple retailer appeared in September 2018, however, the official statement was published only on 5 October. As representatives of the Apple store at the Louvre stop their work on October 27. Instead, the company plans to open the flagship Apple Store on the Champs …


Why red iPhone 7 – the best investment in smartphones

Paul Gorodnitsky explains why iPhone of the previous generation in some years will be more in demand than the glass iPhone 8 and iPhone mythical X.

7 years ago I got iPhone 2G on 4 gigabytes – then they gave away on Craigslist for absolutely ridiculous money.

A younger version (like me) cost around 6-7 thousand, 8 GB asked for 8-9 thousand, and 16 GB were scarce, so they were estimated at 11-12 million. Of course, the price was influenced by the condition of the device, but it was …


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in September, will arrive in Ukraine

Steve Wozniak, legendary in the IT community personality, co-founder of Apple and the first business partner of Steve jobs, will visit neighboring Ukraine. About it reports the local edition of AIN. The who will perform on September 30 in the “Palace of sports” in the forum Forum 1 Olerom.

First rumors about the visit to the country of Wozniak, who took a direct part in the creation of the first “Apple” products in the famous garage in California Palo Alto, was when this was written …


What are waiting for professionals from the Mac Pro next generation

Not long ago, Apple told about the development of the new modular Mac Pro. In addition to the new professional workstation line of products will complement the new monitor, the development of which the company had previously refused. About new Apple products is little known. If you ask professionals, most will agree that the company needs to go back to the old design workstations. Many hope for a standard slots to upgrade components that will not be limited to a few standard options. …


Tim cook was awarded the “Prize of freedom of expression” for protecting the rights of gays and lesbians

Apple CEO Tim cook became the winner of the “Prize of freedom of expression” (Free Expression Award 2017) for “an uncompromising struggle for the protection of human rights”, in particular people based on sexual orientation. The award ceremony will be held in April of this year.

Tim cook was selected by the authoritative jury of the Newseum, the Washington Museum media. Criteria of the award in respect of the nominee are the protection of human rights, personal openness and courage. It …


Google Chrome for iOS now QR and barcodes

Google has released an update of Chrome for iOS, which hid a useful option. The function opened with the 3D Touch gesture.

For owners of smartphones and tablets on iOS Chrome 56 has a QR code reader. Now you can scan a code or barcode, using the context menu of the application with the 3D Touch.

Earlier, similar functionality was only available on Android. To access the reader enough light pressure to press the Chrome icon and choose reader. Also the option can be invoked by …