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Barack Obama joked about exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7

President Barack Obama joked in response to critical remarks about his health care reform, mentioning the burning Galaxy Note 7. In response to criticism he drew Parallels with the topical theme of faulty gadgets Samsung.

Thursday, giving public speech in Miami, Obama touched on the initiatives on healthcare reform in the United States. He compared them with the release of the smartphone. According to the President, the manufacturer will not abandon the products if it found …


Glitter, poverty and “instant noodles”: a resident of Primorye made a video about Apple Pay in Russia

Not to find, perhaps, in the world a country like Russia, where so many contrasts. A resident of Primorye Arthur akhuba ridge took a clear video about using the Apple Pay service in the country. The video he posted in his Instagram account Chloucity.

A man walks through the deserted streets with abandoned buildings and discarded trash, and then walks into a small local shop and buys a pack of Ramen noodles with Apple Pay.

The native village of the author of the video is not well …


Apple is collecting donations for victims of the hurricane “Matthew”

About 1 million people in the USA remain without electricity following the hurricane “Matthew”. In Georgia, about 124 000 consumers were left without electricity and heat. The number of victims of the hurricane in the USA has increased to 21 people.

To date, “Matthew”, weakened to the level of the cyclone, left the Atlantic coast of the southeastern United States. According to the UN, as a result of natural disasters killed hundreds of people, and the number in need of assistance is …


5 years without a jobs: why talk about the founder of Apple never stops

In August 2011, Steve jobs said that he was leaving as head of Apple. October 5, 2011, jobs died at his home in California. The terrible diagnosis — cancer of the pancreas was put to him long before that.

Nearly a decade Apple CEO struggled with the disease and managed the company for which this period was incredibly successful. It was in these years appeared the best and iconic products — the iPhone and iPad. It was then thanks to Steve jobs and Apple from scratch formed tablet …


Analysts: victory trump at the election of the President of the United States will result in big problems for Apple

During the first presidential debate, held last Monday, Republican candidate Donald trump has criticized Ford Motor Company for what she invests in Mexico and is going to make cars South of the border. But Ford isn’t the only American company who the wrath of trump. As noted, Investing, Apple, the company with the largest market capitalization in the world are regularly mentioned on the front pages along with trump. This amazing couple is not very good finds a common language for a number of …